Falcons the first NFL team to reach 100 percent vaccination rate


The Atlanta Falcons become the first NFL team to reach a 100 percent vaccination rate for the organization amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

After numerous discussions on the direction the NFL would take amidst rising COVID cases, comparing COVID policies to segregation (???) and implementing strict entry requirements for fans, the outlook for the season looked a little grim from a public health standpoint. But, we have one thing to tote as a small win, especially from a team like the Atlanta Falcons. 

They’re the first NFL team to reach a 100 percent vaccination rate, something that speaks volumes for a place that is a hot spot for tourists, events, and Kanye West apparently.

The Atlanta Falcons released a statement that as of Monday, the team reached a 100 percent vaccination rate

Because of the diligence of the organization, the team won’t have to follow extensive rules and regulations that would make navigating their job a million times worse. Just a few weeks prior, the team was at 92 percent, a number that reflects the majority of the teams at the current moment. According to the NFL, most of the teams are straddling at or around 95 percent.

With no official mandates in the city of Atlanta, the Falcons are already ahead of the ball. It’s great to see the Falcons finally get a lead in something and actually see it through for once.

They’ll preserve the health of their team while doing it, but let’s hope they can translate that same energy on the field.

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